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October 5, 2013 marks a new adventure in life and a new anniversary to celebrate! Special thanks to Reverend Connie for officiating and to our dear friend, Kelly for acting as the photographer/witness. Also special thanks to Geri Cole for making possible this wonderful life I share with Jasika, and shout out to my sister, Emily, for riding rickety bikes with me one night in Brooklyn to find this woman- I found her! 

For some reason I never reblogged this photoset after Claire posted it last year, so, here it is for anyone I didn’t share it with before. Here’s to ugly crying and happiness that knows no bounds and shows up in new outfits on a regular basis!

Think too much and you’ll create a problem that wasn’t there in the first place.”
Unknown (via thesextape)


Black coffee served with milk in a 35mm film canister just because we can. - 1924


like ten years ago i drew a comic strip entitled “if the president were a moth” in which the president is a human sized moth watching the olympics and when they light the torch it flies off in pursuit of it and then two cia guys stand up and shout “MR. PRESIDENT!!!!!!!” i was really ahead of my time


Technology then and now


How to sext


John Singer Sargent Girl Fishing